• Girls and boys birthday parties
  • Stag Do’s & Hens Parties
  • Corporate events/ team building 
  • Sport teams
  • Team building games for adults
  • Fun team building activities

We play all
year round in
all weather conditions

You've seen the movies... played the games... now it's times to play ... for real!
Auckland's BEST outdoor laser tag simulator.
This is the future of laser tag - this is NOT paintball or airsoft.​
Laser Combat Auckland brings you one of the coolest recreational activities in the world. A non contact sport which is played in more than 33 different countries worldwide, suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
Run by ex-forces personnel our team has over 20 years experience operating outdoor gaming simulations here in New Zealand and in the UK.
We provide a total entertainment solution with no hidden costs.

While other operators may focus on just getting you in the door, our goal is to offer you a complete gaming experience. We specialise in team building skills and inspire and energise people towards achieving realistic goals using our state of the art gaming guns coupled with strategically run missions.

We are not interested in aimless entertainment, but rather tactical missions that will test your awareness and make you think on your feet.
Are you ready for the challenge?
The is the most realistic and advanced laser simulation to be found anywhere in New Zealand. Realistic guns, sound effects and camouflage gear give players a real taste of the battlefield experience.
Live out your combat video game fantasies. Adrenalin-pumping 3-D reality!​
Laser Combat guns use infra-red light, which is 100% safe - just like your T.V remote. We provide you with the world's leading state of the art gaming equipment and we're the first company in Auckland to provide Radio Technology (SATR) in its laser tag equipment.
We have four types of weapons, all come equipped with a red-dot battle sight.​ 
Scorpion Sub Machine Gun                         MP -7  
Commando Carbine                                      Micro Uzi
  • Real time - live feed back
  • Realistic sound
  • Muzzle flash
  • 200+ meters range
Laser Combat is a game that everyone can enjoy on an equal playing field whether you are new to combat simulation games or a regular player. Our games mirror military exercises and may include...
  • Death Match
  • Base Assault
  • VIP Escort
  • Capture & Hold
  • Search & Rescue
  • Sniper Hunt

We have tremendous flexibility to 'battle' in all sorts of terrain and lighting conditions, including urban day/night and forest woodlands.


  • Girls and boys birthday parties
  • Stag Do’s & Hens Parties
  • Corporate events/ team building 
  • Sport teams
  • Team building games for adults
  • Fun team building activities
  • Suitable for ages 8+ and above
  • No pain, bruising or projectiles
  • Unlimited ammo


Riverhead West Auckland


30 minutes from Auckland city
Minimum 10 players, maximum 50 players
Ridge Road, Riverhead
Outdoor venue.
Great for all group types

We come to you


Auckland wide
Minimum 20 players, maximum 50 players
Auckland wide

Mon to Sun 10:00hrs - 21:00hrs
Mon to Fri   09:30hrs - 17:00hrs
BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL!! For more information contact us.
0508 COMBAT (266 228)
Become a solider for a day. Book the best party, corporate work do, group event ... of the season!
Laser Combat Auckland - successfully bringing you the most realistic and advanced outdoor laser tag simulation experience to be found anywhere in New Zealand for over 8 years. 
We are the outdoor entertainment experts! 
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