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More players? The more realistic, and fun, the experience!
Book up to 50 players and make the battlefield come alive!  


Our instructors will set the missions to the level of your group.


Unlimited ammo means no additional costs come game day! And with no projectiles our guns are 100% safe. ​

We regularly run missions for 

  • Social Groups

  • Sports Teams and Clubs

  • Girl Guides and Scouts

  • Youth and Church Groups

  • Fire Brigade, Public Services

  • NZ Defence Force  

​​To authenticate the experience we provide

  • State of the art infra-red gaming gun

  • Standard military issue camouflage flak vest & hat

  • Camouflage face paint

  • Qualified instructor who will run your session with military precision


Also talk to us about...

Missions suitable for everyone of ALL ages and ALL fitness levels, from age 8+.


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