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Birthday party checklist for busy Mums and Dads

How many of us leave planning our kids birthday parties to the last minute? There are some parents who contact us well ahead of time to book in a game, but last minute bookings are definitely becoming more common.

Honestly who has time these days to think too far ahead? About three (four if I’m more organised than usual!) weeks before D-day I start planning a party. I quickly decide on where and what we are going to do. Then decide who to invite and send out the invitations. I’m always in a last minute rush to get invitations out. I see nice ones in the shops all year, but never think to buy ahead. Then when I’m last minute buying – the selection is horrendous. So instead of choosing the only invitation I can find on the shelf (they always have Star Wars, when you’re planning a Spiderman party!) I usually go back to basics and just print something out on the home computer. Simple. Nothing fancy.

Next I plan the menu. I know these days we are supposed to be health conscious – and I am. BUT it is still a birthday party. So I do try and a variety of options. Then I plan the cake – my favourite part. I love cake baking and this is where I put most of my energy.

Check out these cakes two clever Mum's made for their Laser Combat soldiers!

Then the party arrives, you spend the day is a busy blur - and then its over. Done and dusted for another year. That is the best feeling of all!

My kids are getting older now and the birthday party planning is changing. They don’t want the Spiderman or Moana themed party at home any longer. They want to go rock climbing, jump parks and laser combat (of course!).

To help busy Mums and Dads like me I've put together a short checklist of things to think about before coming out to the field for a Laser Combat Game. Initially I was going to do a more generic list of everything you need to think about before a birthday party - but there are loads of these online. These all say to start planning six weeks out. Something I never do. Although my big take away from reading these lists was a reminder to think about what you want to purchase online and get this done in a timely manner. I brought Moana cake toppers one year, I knew I was cutting it fine. They arrived two days after the party!



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