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We often get asked "Do we use real lasers?"

ANSWER: No, the guns we use do not use real "lasers”.

Infrared vs lasers - what's the difference

The core technology used by our guns is infrared light. infrared (IR) light is the same as normal light, but with a longer wavelength that is harmless to human eyes. Infrared is on the safe side of the visible spectrum, and like your TV remote (that uses a similar technology) is completely safe for use in laser tag equipment.

A real laser is a powerful beam of electromagnetic radiation that can be made from visible light, x-rays, ultraviolet light or infrared light. Real lasers do appear regularly in our day to day lives (i.e. DVD players, communications). They emit light which can be focused into a tight spot, (used for laser cutting etc) and can stay narrow over great distances (used for laser pointers etc). This is not the technology used in laser guns – it would be dangerous and unsafe – and it is unnecessary.

So why use the name “laser” tag or “laser” gun – if we don’t use real lasers?

The name “laser” is a bit misleading, It is thought that the name originally came from the laser stun guns and photon shooters used in Star Trek and other space-age movies and shows back the 70’s when this technology was originally invented. Infact the very first “laser gun”, the Star Trek Electronic Phaser toy manufactured by Milton Bradley, was released in 1979 and is the first toy to use infrared light and a corresponding sensor.

The military back in the 70’s were also using this infrared technology for combat training and target practice. The US military still use a military grade combat simulation system today known as MILES (multiple integrated laser engagement system) which allows them to simulate an actual battle.

And it is this equipment that our laser guns are based on – not the plastic Star Trek type guns that you see other operators using.

We use the latest technology to create an authentic experience for our gamers

Our equipment uses a patented SATR (Small Arms Transmitter Receiver) technology that allows our instructors to control how simple, or how complex, the gaming experience is. We have the ability to turn the gun on and selecting from a series of menus, control the way you play.

With this patented technology gamers get real-time hit feedback, via light effects (through the red dot scope) and sound effects (through voice feedback). When you shoot an opponent the computer inside the gaming gun issues a sound effect. For example, hit feedback indicates what is happening in the game, so the players intuitively know what is happening in the scenario. The sound effects change depending on the gaming theme.

We made the decision early on to import the best laser guns in the market that replicate a real combat experience. The weight and feel of each gun is authentic. They are not made of plastic and do not look like toys. They are designed to work together and you can see how many lives you have left, and how many causality’s you have taken.

We have taken the SATR technology and combined it with our proprietary combat simulation training – to give our gamers an authentic experience.


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