Laser Tag Equipment Hire - Auckland


More than your everyday run of the mill laser tag experience - this is a total entertainment experience with NO HIDDEN COSTS!

How it works...

  • We drop off our laser tag equipment to your place.

  • Then simply turn on and play for as long as you like. 

  • We collect the equipment at the agreed time.


Price includes the delivery & collection of equipment.

To make a booking you need

Min 8 players to book a game 

Max 40 players in any one session

A suitable outdoor area on private property

Mobile Deployment
Work Do's
Youth Groups
Stag Do's
Night Operations

"We did this at Swanson then again at Riverhead and can't recommend it enough! Great party for kids, with clear instructions and plenty of variation to stop kids getting bored. The most fun your kid will have away from screens..." 

Mel S

To authenticate the experience we provide (included in the price)
  • With no projectiles our guns are 100% safe
  • UNLIMITED AMMO means no additional costs game day

You can play in all conditions, including rain.