Laser Tag / Archery Tag
Looking for an activity to develop and strengthen team camaraderie at your school?
Our team has over 8 years experience instructing students, and we now have TWO great options that will have your class talking for weeks afterwards.



Riverhead, West Auckland
An outdoor experience.
Kingseat, South Auckland
An indoor & outdoor experience.


Mobile Deployment

We can set up barricades or use buildings to create a battlefield.

Laser Tag

Laser Combat is an experience unlike any other laser tag in Auckland. More than just aimless entertainment our experienced instructors will run missions "military style", teaching team-work, communication, and how to work towards common goals.

But at the same time still ensuring everyone has loads of fun - of course!

Each adventure is customised for your school group and is age appropriate. Even if you have been before (we have schools that come back year after year from all over the upper north island), mission objectives are modified so that each experience is unique.

​​​​To authenticate the experience we provide 

  • State of the art infra-red gaming gun

  • Standard military issue camouflage flak vest & hat

  • Camouflage face paint

  • Qualified instructor who will run your session with military precision​

Archery Tag

Fast paced, action packed, Archery Tag is similar to dodge ball – but with bow and arrows!

You can choose between

  • a fun social game OR

  • a more structured game, designed to encourage team-work and develop communication and problem solving skills.

The aim of the game is to eliminate the opposing players by getting them out. Strategy and teamwork are essential. Our instructors will set the level of the game to the abilities of your group.

Using custom made bows and arrows with a soft foam tip, you will learn tactical archery skills while refining your target accuracy!

"The boys had a blast yesterday – double thumbs up from them.  Pretty sure you will become a fixture in the Yr 8 Challenge Week calendar!"

Cherie, Auckland High School, (3rd year with Laser Combat)

"Due to having so much fun I would like to book Laser Combat again for 2019".

Jordan, Deputy Principal, Northland Primary School (2nd year with Laser Combat)

Who can play?

Laser Combat is suitable for ALL ages 8+ and fitness levels. Everyone plays at their own pace. There are no individual scores and team-work is promoted.


Is it safe?

This is a safe NON CONTACT sport. There are no projectiles. The "laser" guns use infrared technology (just like your TV remote) - no real lasers!

Session Length

You decide but for 50 players a 2 hour session is usually ample.

Number of players

Minimum 10 players.

Maximum 50 players.

For 50+ gamers we recommend 2 x 2 hr sessions - so that all gamers get plenty of game time.

Who can play?

Archery Tag is best suited for players over 10 years old. Team-work is the key to success in the archery arena, so perfect for high school aged kids.

Is it safe?

Yes, all players are issued with a full face mask. Being "tagged" feels similar to being hit by a tennis ball, you know you've been hit, but it won't leave a bruise.


Session Length

Games can be tailored to your groups requirements, usually 1.5 -  2 hours. 

Number of players

Minimum 10 players.

Maximum 30 players.

For 30+ gamers we recommend 2 x 1.5 hr sessions - so that all gamers get plenty of game time.



WE HAVE MOVED!  Riverhead West Auckland


30 minutes from Auckland city
Minimum 10 players, maximum 50 players
Ridge Road, Riverhead
Outdoor venue.
Great for all group types

Kingseat South Auckland


45 mins from Auckland city
Minimum 10 players, maximum 50 players
833 Kingseat Rd, Kingseat, Auckland
Indoor and outdoor facility.
Indoor party rooms and BBQ available.
Become a solider for a day. Book the best party, corporate work do, group event ... of the season!
Laser Combat Auckland - successfully bringing you the most realistic and advanced outdoor laser tag simulation experience to be found anywhere in New Zealand for over 8 years. 
We are the outdoor entertainment experts! 
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